The Aiglon 发现项目 aims to provide a modern interpretation to the school's Guiding Principles by connecting all areas of academic study, 新太阳城的课外活动, 探险, the arts and personal reflection all under several big questions that allow our students to grow.

For more than 70 years Aiglon has pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional education to offer students unique 探险 and experiences, 与追求最高学术标准的班级一起. Part of our responsibility is to regularly assess our approach to our curriculum so that each Aiglonian’s educational journey enriches the whole student and prepares them to face the wider world.



艾格隆发现计划活动旋转木马 是不是一系列的励志, progressive and impactful experiences for students that are academically challenging but based on the activity programme. 这个必修活动在第七期每周四进行. The experience aims to be inspirational and feel different from an academic lesson. 每个学生都经历过 5个活动环节:

  • 探索: 移动模型. 专注于建造和动力模型汽车. Covers areas such as STEM, technology, robotics and entrepreneurship.
  • 讨论: 修辞. Improving language and confidence by covering areas such as debating and public speaking
  • 性质: 昌盛.shinrin-yoku (Japanese forest bathing) the course looks at the interconnectivity of organisms and asks students to build a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • 创建: 写歌. Covers the creative arts asking students to explore the creative process
  • 发现: 打了一百万次结. Covers areas that aim to develop students practical skills and critical thinking with sessions loosely associated with the expedition programme (climbing, 航行, 搭建避难所, et


Learning to play an instrument is a valuable skill but we firmly believe it can improve all students as learners and people.

That is why this year we have introduced a programme whereby all 76 junior school students are learning one of the following: Violin; Viola; Cello; Double Bass; Trumpet; French Horn; Trombone; Flute; Clarinet; Orchestral Percussion; and one harpist!

The programme so far has been a success with the vast majority of students seeming to enjoy the challenge of learning an orchestral instrument. 每个学生每周有一次25分钟的课程, an evening practice session of half an hour and has been lent a starter instrument by the school. Many of the students are already playing in small ensembles and after Christmas, we will be looking to split the juniors into two orchestras which will run weekly for a 45-minute rehearsal in the evenings.

This experience of playing in a large ensemble will be transformative. 汤姆Dobney, the Head of the Creative Arts outlines “There is no shortcut to learning an orchestral instrument; it’s a long and challenging educational journey and I think of the great benefit to the juniors in a world in which instant gratification is increasingly a norm.”


Spirit is a new subject we are developing at Aiglon that looks to embrace the unique values of our school, to reflect upon the central questions from the discovery programme and to make students reflect upon themselves and their role in the world. 主题包含了个人的概念, 社会, 健康与情感教育, 以及处理相关问题, topical and contemporary issues in modern culture that will support Aiglon students in their development in the real world. Other topics will also be philosophical, spiritual and reflective in nature. Ultimately we look to encourage deep, critical thinking skills within our students.

到目前为止, 年7 反思过他们是谁, 他们知道什么, if they can trust their own senses and engage with the ideas of Plato and Descartes. 他们调查了数字安全和社交媒体, 在讨论文化和成为全球公民之前.

年8 have reflected upon their own personal culture and how it differs from the culture of others. 所有的学生都做了一个关于他们自己文化的报告, 以及研究世界宗教. They ended the term by considering the role of aesthetics in being human.

年9 have been studying the systems that influence our behaviours and perceptions, 学习乔姆斯基和霍布斯的思想, 在对伦理学有初步了解之前.

这一项 年10 students have been grappling with some extremely challenging topics in Spirit lessons. We began by looking at mental health issues and how we can build up our own resilience, 在讨论多样性问题之前, 公平与包容. 年11 began by looking at what it means to be a global citizen and how our actions can protect the planet. 在继续讨论良好饮食的重要性之前, 新太阳城的个人关系, 新太阳城的睡眠, 确保新太阳城健康地生活.


Our 发现项目 will support each student’s transition from junior school years, 对学术要求更高, 学生主导的IGCSE和IB课程. We are providing them with newer, finer-quality skillsets combined with our expert guidance. This enhanced character education is ideally placed to encourage students’ independent inquiry, to see them make decisions in their lives that push beyond their own prior highest standards, 并对即将面临的新环境保持适应能力.

The “Discovery” element of the programme isn’t simply the external adventures our students will embark upon. 学生将会发现学习过程的价值, and how they can continue to innovate and explore throughout their lives. 最重要的是, our goal is for the Aiglon 发现项目 to unlock in students a greater understanding of themselves.


新太阳城很高兴您考虑艾格伦学院. We are always pleased to introduce prospective students and their families to life at the school, 欢迎各界垂询.



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